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Probation Officer Salary - Parole Officer Salary

Probation Officer Salary

There is a lot of different information about the range of a probation officers salary. A large reason for the variation in salary is because the amount earned depends on many different variables such as education, training, experience, agency, and location.

If a probation officer has a higher, more directly related education they may earn a larger salary compared to a probation officer who doesn’t have the same education. The same applies to training and experience. The agency a probation officer works for will also determine the size of salary. Location is a very large determinant for the size of a probation officer salary. This is due to a couple different factors. The largest factor is cost of living. For example, a probation officer living in a large city in California will have a higher cost of living than a probation officer in a smaller city in Colorado. Agencies pay more or less depending on the cost of living. Location can also create a greater or lesser work load/responsibility for a probation officer which may also play a role in their salary.

The average range of a probation officer salary is about $40,000 - $60,000 per year. While a small number of probation officers earn below $30,000 per year, as well as a small number earning over $70,000 per year.

Along with a probation officers salary federal and state governments also give medical and retirement benefits.

Parole Officer Salary 

A parole officer has a very similar job to a probation officer; many times they perform the same role. The main difference (when not performing the task of both) is that a parole officer works with people who have been released from prison but still have to finish out a sentence, where as a probation officer works with those who didn’t have to go to prison but have a sentence to fulfill out side of prison. They both have to live there lives with restrictions and rules. Parole officers and probation officers monitor these people and inform the court system on their progress.

Because parole officers have a very similar job to probation officers and perform double duty at times, the parole officer salary is very similar to the probation officer salary.

The average range for a parole officer salary is about $35,000 - $60,000. Some parole officers will earn a little less when starting out. Some parole officers will progress to have a higher salary than the average range.

The things that determine the amount of a probation officer salary are the same things that determine the amount a parole officer salary is, these are education, training, experience, agency, and location.

Like the probation officer the parole officer will also get medical and retirement benefits.

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